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The Man Who Walked Alone

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The Man Who Walked Alone

Published 1945

A light-hearted P.R.C. film.

Run time 71 minutes 16 seconds
Production Company Producers Releasing Corporation
Audio/Visual sound, black & white


Reviewer: Kentworth - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 19, 2014
Subject: As Patricia would say ....
A bit corny, but a decent light-hearted romp nonetheless. Acting and cast very good; kibitzing clever; video quality good. One watch was enough, those of us who returned from VietNam might see into this perhaps more than some others, but all in all a good film.
Reviewer: katperrr - favoritefavoritefavorite - May 6, 2014
Subject: The Man Who Walked Alone
My secretarial teacher always said "be brief and to the point!" It was enjoyable.
Reviewer: ghostmadl - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 6, 2013
Subject: Thoroughly enjoyed it
I enjoyed the movie- and who can't adore O'Brien. Screwball comedy, somewhat slow to start but once it did.... it was really good. I always enjoy the haughty being brought back to reality and a strong man that can do it. :)
Reviewer: MOTARO76 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 1, 2012
Kay Aldridge looks like "Girl of my dreams". If I would be on place of Dave O'Brien, I would never balk but immediately fulfil every her desire, though IRL I am head shorter and many times weaker as Kay, who was really tall and strong girl. Dave O'Brien is 6'3" and Kay is just a bit shorter (at least 6'). I can reach only to Kay's shoulders.

But my will is more important, than my possibilities. It would be such a team job of repairing the car. She's very affectionate, thoughtful and loving girl and always ready to help me, when I can't make smth. Working with her would be a pleasure. I help her, she helps me. Working together unites people. I can't understand, why smb. calls me "groveling". She is very tender-hearted, gracious, helpful girl and will never diminish a man who LOVES her. Also by such a job as repairing a car four hands are always better, than only two. And I canNOT all the same repair so big car without help of much stronger person. At sample, my strength is not enough turn some screw (here "screw" means nothing as "rotary fastener") So WE NEED EACH OTHER, even when I can't "provide anything". And it means LOVE. Love is never "grovel". Love such a beauty is the biggest happiness on the earth.

IRL this insolent man would be banned by her and she would give her love to ME. She would also reject this "Dark Moon" even when he would stay on knees before her. And of course, Kay Aldridge, who can even pilot an airplane, knows how to block a front wheels and how to preserve tights by kneeling on asphalt - just lay a newspaper. Kay Aldridge is same clever as beautiful. Beauty goes often TOGETHER with brains.

Then she would give me a ride. I'll admire her, looking on her beautiful face, so beautiful as most beautiful flower on the earth She'll smile me and say me many heartly words. Her loving smile warms the cockles of my heart and even burst blossoms. She is beautiful good fairy! I can lean my head on her shoulder. She'll stroke my head with her pretty hand. Or bury my nose into her pretty cheek. Life is bad, when no cheek needs your nose.

After our ride, when we step out of car, she'll fold me to her breast and kiss the crown of my head. My love is totally unselfish. Enough is just to see her and admire her. Our love is pure, empyrean, chaste, without any carnal. Even when she would marry other man, my love would continue - she would yet grace this world with her beauty, virtue and goodness. And her tender loving heart would still have place for me. Nobody can love such a way now.

But stop, it's damned real world and I have same chances to meet such a beautiful girl, as meet UFO from other star (where possible such girls still exist). And I have seen neither so beautiful and chaste girls, nor UFOs for my 35 years of life. And will NEVER SEE.

Even in her times Kay Aldridge was often miscasted and reduced to second roles, possibly due to her 6' height. It was too hard to find her male partner, who would be any more taller. What a stupid stereotype! Why can't be love between 5'6" short boy and 6' tall girl?

Also Kay knows very well, what is pure, innocent, empyreal love and also enjoyed it. After filming of Nyoka she have received thousands of letters from her little fans - 12, 10 even 6 years boys. They all declared LOVE to her. Sometimes their love declarations were yet clumsy - at sample "you sure can fight good", but she enjoys such compliments more than any platitudinarian words from adult hard-boilde men. She's very perceptive lady and her tender soul can feel warmth of child's loving heart. I bet, every of this boys would help Kay, to repair her car WITH THE GREATEST PLEASURE! It's their BIGGEST DREAM. Every of this little boys imagined, how he places the jack, holds a new wheel, how he helps her!

"You sure can fight good" - yes, these boys are right! Kay is very tall and strong girl. By filming of "Nyoka" she have injuried two stuntmen (also tough and strong boys - no sissies) in fights. In her school years she protected weaker boys against bullies, using her advantages in height and strength. Her tender, perceptive, affectionate soul can't suffer, when smb. got bullied. Later, by making of "Nyoka" she have recovered her most epic battles from school years and forgot that it's just a movie and she must only imitate fighting.

In my teens I was also bullied by my male classmates and so dreamed about tall and strong girl, who would protect me from bullies. Occasionally, she looked like Kay - same 6'1" tall, same fresh, innocent, naive face, same round cheeks and loving smile. Of course, I have never met her. And will never meet:(
Reviewer: Aitchondo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 28, 2012
Subject: The Man Who Walked Alone
I came home to crap after Vietnam. This movie made me cry. I loved it.
Reviewer: Dark Moon - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 8, 2011
Subject: Not with a whimper

(Irony alert: The following review contains cynical, satirical commentary on the relative statuses of our two human species, and is not meant to be taken literally as this reviewer's assertion concerning what our statuses are or ought to be.)

I guess "bangs" are in the eye of the beholder, and this beholder saw more of a "bang" in the beginning than did one of the other reviewers. We start out with David O'Brien as "Marion" (pronounced "Marian," but definitely not a librarian), who is standing at the roadside and trying to hitch a ride into town. Another reviewer mentioned It Happened One Night; unfortunately, though, Marion doesn't have Claudette Colbert with him to show some leg and bring traffic to a screeching halt. No, he's just a man, y'see (no one gives a rat's derriere for one of those, doncha know), so he has to be a good soldier and risk his life for a ride by standing out in the middle of the road and forcing the issue.

The person he finally challenges to either stop or run him over (Kay Aldridge) winds up running her car off the road and up an embankment to avoid hitting him. (Lucky guy—had this been a 1970's or later film, she most likely would have kept going and left him a smear on the pavement.) This is a sufficiently large "bang" to blow one of her tires, so now "Willie" (Kay) has to stop and deal with the situation, which incidentally includes Marion.

Naturally, everything is automatically Marion's fault. How dare he presume upon anyone for a little help, for a ride into town! After all, men are supposed to provide everything, and certainly not to ask for anything, right? This is an expanded version of the common film "cliché" where boy meets girl on the sidewalk by slamming into each other at a blind corner, having not seen each other coming from opposite directions; just as naturally, it is his fault every time (and that is no cliché; I've seen it happen in Real Life more than once).

However, Marion is no spineless whimp who wants nothing more than to grovel at the feet of the "GIRL OF MY DREAMS," so he responds to her stream of vituperation by parking himself on top of a split-rail fence and watching her attempt to change the tire for herself. When she blames him for ruining a pair of irreplaceable nylons, we are reminded that this film was made during the war (WWII), when many essentials (such as nylon stockings) were rationed or entirely unavailable.

When her car falls off the bumper jack for the third time (she didn't know to block the front wheels), he pitches in to help, after securing from her an agreement to give him a ride into town, in exchange. (Boy, what a guy has to do to save some shoe leather—not to mention saving a half-healed injury…) At this point I found myself smirking cynically, expecting her to zoom off as soon as he popped on the hub cap, and so she would have if she could've got her engine started before he managed to climb in the car. Then he showed us (both "Willie" and I) how much farther ahead of the game he was by dangling her keys in front of her eyes, declaring that he wasn't about to take any chances on her. (Once again, we are reminded of a time gone by, when the starter button and ignition switch were two separate items on the dashboard of a car. Pushing the button would crank the engine, but it couldn't start without the key in the ignition switch.)

Hopefully, that lengthy description will whet your appetite for seeing the rest of the film. :) Two interesting themes run through it: Marion frequently encourages Willie to grow a backbone and live her own life (and she apparently does need some encouragement, though she is devious and headstrong already), while her family nearly succeed in pressuring her into conformity. The other is that a highly decorated war hero is preferable to an egotistical and self-serving politician. Neither love nor friendship can truly develop in the absence of respect; we see the former two blossom as Willie discovers Marion's character and status, and her regard for him grows.

Like Karen, I found Willie's younger sister to be an interesting character, particularly in her relationship to Mom. True to her species, she is growing up very fast, but is too young yet to have developed any subtlety. Naturally, she sees right through her Mom's Drama Queen histrionics, which she constantly ridicules as "corny." She particularly enjoys the grief her Mom experiences at the use of that vulgarism, and her Mom's inability to find a suitable rejoinder. When Mom is finally delighted to find something that bursts her daughter into tears, a misplaced repair splice in the film prevents us from hearing what it was. But we still get the idea (and you know how life imitates art) that the wimmin don't save up the snarky comments just for their men-folk, and how young girls hone their tongues to the fine, razor edge that is the envy of the world's best cutlery makers.

I am not quite sure of the title's relevance to the film, but it certainly does reflect the male condition in this and many other societies, where most men really are fated to walk alone, even in the middle of family and friends. It is a fatal disease, this loneliness.

I hated the beginning of this film for the buttons it pushed, but stuck it out to see if Willie drove off and left Marion in the dust as I had forecast. Not only did I find a funny screwball comedy on the other side of that scene, but also lots of subtle commentary on human nature, and a snapshot of life in America, in the midst of WWII.
Reviewer: horseoftroy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 15, 2011
Subject: taxes in hollywood
this movie is hilarious. got to love it. its almost perfect, and i can't think of where it isn't. so enjoy.
Reviewer: rclo - favoritefavorite - April 7, 2011
Subject: Who was the "Big Boy?"
Interesting that Dave O'Brien was 6'3" while Guinn (Big Boy) Williams was 6'2", yet Williams towered over O'Brien in the garage "fight." I suppose Big Boy wore elevator shoes.

Anyway, I found the flick to be entertaining. Yes, the synch was a little off (Cinepack 632 MB), but it was hardly noticeable.

The acting (script, really) was awfully "serendipitous," with the principals relying unbelievably on Karma and Fate to fulfill their dreams and desires. Most men would have been falling all over themselves to know that woman! Most women would have been in a panic if they had met the man of their dreams on their wedding day.

The supporting cast boasted numerous talented character actors, most of whom weren't challenged by the script.

Worth watching.
Reviewer: 1897 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 13, 2011
Subject: Wonderful!
How is it that this gem is a B picture? Makes no sense! I enjoyed it from start to finish. A fun little picture with lots of charm and PERFECT casting.
Reviewer: AnnSmithy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 3, 2011
Subject: He walked into the Time of His Life
This movie starts out without a bang, but builds momentum of interest and delight. There are many witty things said that I didn't have time to absorb the first time but the second view I got it all in better and enjoyed it more each time I watched it. Its better the second time.
I particularly liked the scene were the mother pushes the young daughter away and says "You irratate me!". This movie seems dull at the very first but only gets better and more clever as it goes. This is a winner.
Reviewer: sciwriter - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 1, 2011
Subject: Love exists
Kay Aldridge starred in some move serials of 1940's. I've been married to #1 for 52 years. IMO young women today are too thin & look anemic. I prefer a woman who is short, chubby & zaftig like Moscow 1945.
Reviewer: surfvh - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 18, 2010
Subject: A really terrific romance film with a really fun story!
Don't miss this one. I normally don't like romance stories, but this one is so well done, it ranks up there with 'My Man Godfrey' and 'It Happened One Night' for wit and charm. Watch it, you will love it!
Reviewer: Kodachrome - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 31, 2010
Subject: A bit too "corny" for my tastes...
...but not the worst movie experience I have ever had.

A well made P.R.C picture. I give the plot 3 stars, the acting 3 stars, and the storyline 3 stars.

I give it a total of 5 stars, to mitigate the ill effects of the poo flinging primate.
Reviewer: Moongleam - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 24, 2010
Subject: Audio synch
In the box labelled "Play/Download" you'll see 4 video files listed:

512Kb MPEG4 (294.3 M)
Ogg Video (306.3 M)
Cinepack (556.3 M)
Cinepack (632.9 M)

The first 2 listed were generated by the Archive; the last 2 were uploaded.

To watch one of those files you can right-click on it with the mouse and save it to the hard drive (that's the best way), or you can right-click on it and copy the link address and then paste it into whatever video-playing program you want to use.

If the file that you watch seems to have bad audio synchronization, then specify which file you watched when you write your review, and also specify what program you used to watch the movie. If you watched the film in your web browser, then indicate that.

In any case, don't give the movie a rating that's based on your bad experience with one of the files that the Archive derived from the uploaded file or that's based on the inability of inferior software to play one of the files correctly.

I watched the first part of all 4 files using both VLC and mplayer. The audio is properly synchronized with the video in every file when viewed with those programs.
Reviewer: kareneliot - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 24, 2010
Subject: What an absolute delight that was!
I loved everything about this movie. It was terrific and an absolute DELIGHT to watch.

It's a happy-ending screwball comedy romance. Kudos to the farmer, he's a hoot. She's beautiful, he's dreamy. They try to keep their identities secret... you know how that always works.... They keep getting into trouble/mischief together. She loves him, he loves her, and someone else loves her too. Her mother, sister, and knitting auntie are all whackadoos. The butler is a nutjob. How many servants do they really need dusting the house? That little sister, she was "corny" and had the best lines of anyone in the whole movie, zingers- I think they call them. The whole thing was just a joy. It doesn't have the kitchen sink, but it does have a big brass band.

It was engaging and entertaining, the characters were WONDERFUL, the story was fantastic and moved well. It left me smiling and happy. The sound and audio are great.

This film is a first-rate, top-billing winner in my bookmarks folder.

I can not recommend it highly enough.
Reviewer: doowopbob - favorite - October 23, 2010
Subject: ...Too Bad...
....Ruined By Out Of Sync Audio..
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